Perioperative RN Program

Perioperative RN Program     $299
Theory will be presented on all aspects of Perioperative care for RNs working in the Operating Room that are either new to the OR or have not been taught the theory behind OR practices. A lab component of the course will allow participants to practice every step necessary in preparing the patient, instruments, and supplies for a surgical procedure. 

The Perioperative RN Program is coordinated and led by the Surgical Technology Program faculty at Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls, SD.

Course Code  Date  Day  Time  Room 
HC PERI.(1502)  Apr 22-23  F/S 5-9p/ HC 113


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Ruby Castardo, BSW/CST
Program Director of Surgical Technology
Southeast Technical Institute

Lecture Topics:
• Role of the RN in the Operating Room
• Shared Responsibilities
• Aseptic Technique Scrubbing, Gowning and Gloving
• Sterilization, Disinfection and Sanitation
• OR Pharmaceuticals
• Anesthesia
• Sequencing Cases
• Handling Specimens
• Permits
• Counts
• Furniture and Equipment
• Positioning, Prepping and Draping
• Cautery

Lab Topics:
• Scrubbing, Gowning, and Gloving
• Gowning and Gloving Another
• Instruments
• Opening Supplies
• Continue Instruments
• Suture, Sponges, Counts
• Suture
• Sponges
• OR Bed Positioning, Prepping and Draping
• Laparotomy Case - Start to Finish• Patient Care – Positioning, Prepping and Draping
• Set-up and Counting - Team
• Counting Out
• Mock Cases